What is hygge? It’s that feeling of being at home, safe, warm, and peaceful. Or, as Wikipedia states, “The word hygge comes from a Danish word meaning “to give courage, comfort, joy”.

What I do is help you feel that inside, energetically and holistically, without need of the warm socks, the flickering candles, the hot chocolate. It’s sleeping better, it’s the release of the tightness in your shoulders that you didn’t realize was there constantly, it’s being able to move because the migraine is gone: it’s that feeling of “ahhhhh“. That inner sigh when everything is just right. A sort of spiritual hygge, if you will.

That’s the way almost every person feels when when receiving Hygge Lightwork, and the desire for that feeling is what I hope brought you here!

Check out my website, and if you have any questions you can Telegram me!

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