Energy Healing

Question for Fellow Healers

IMG_0874520I mentioned on Twitter recently that I’m pretty sure that carpal tunnel is settling into my wrists.  I spend a lot of time massaging my guy’s back (chronic pain issues), and working online and it finally all caught up with me a few weeks ago.  I’ve taken to wearing an Ace Bandage on my left wrist and one of those hard wrist guards on my right.

The pain isn’t constant, but it’s becoming more noticable and it’s there more often, too. 😦  Interestingly enough, yesterday I did a distance Prismatic Healing session and afterwards neither wrist bothered me until it came time for another massage.  I didn’t really notice that fact until later when they were both hurting pretty badly and I was doing some energy healing for him and suddenly it was a lightbulb moment!  I was only using my left hand, and the wrist stopped hurting!

So I’m wondering; do you guys notice any pains you have that diminish while you are channeling healing energy??  With the way my wrists feel today, I want nothing more than to send light all day long now! 😉

©Pip Miller – July 2013