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Tips For New Filofax Owners

Now I don’t know if everyone is aware of the huge upsurge in Filofax users, but everywhere I turn on Twitter there’s another mention of them.  And if you search Filofax on youtube, be prepared to spend hours watching vids.  Seriously.  As a result, it’s not only easy to want one, but it’s just as easy to suddenly decide that the one you just purchased, isn’t the right one.  I myself am guilty of that. 😉

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So I thought I’d give new owners a few tips that I’ve learned this year:

1: When you receive your new ‘brain’, stop watching videos unless they are about that exact binder.  Believe me, if you don’t follow any other tips, this one alone will help keep you and your bank account sane.

2: Watch Rori’s video.  Her tips will make a big difference in how you use your binder.  And it will simplify everything. ETA: I just rewatched this (it’s 7/31/16), and this is still an incredible video, especially for new planner users. You’ll most likely start with everything you see online, and then realize ‘dang, this is ridiculously too much’. Rori helps you figure out what you truly need.

3: Check out the Homemakers Daily time management blog.  She writes posts that are very helpful and all the result of personal experience.  You may also learn things you don’t want to do with your binder, too. 😉  There are a LOT of other Filofax blogs out there, but this one is all about using it.

4: Use your binder for at least 3 months before deciding if it is the right binder or not.  It’s too easy to decide it isn’t without giving it a proper chance. ETA: 3 years later, I now suggest 6 months. You may start getting antsy around 3 months (especially if you’re glued to youtube vids and Filofax blogs), but give it another 3 months of tweaking your set-up before you truly say, ‘nope, this isn’t the one’. Also…keep that binder. You’d be surprised how many people end up going back to a previous one, and if you sold it, there’s more money out of your pocket for something you already had!

5: Don’t feel you must decorate and go washi-tape crazy.  That’s not everyone’s bag and if you start to believe you aren’t a “real” Filofaxer user unless you do, you’re in big trouble.

6: Do what feels right for YOU.  It’s your binder, no one else’s.

7: Have fun! 🙂

©Pip Miller- August 2013


New Oracle Deck!

Yesterday I was given Jody Bergsma’s lovely oracle deck, “Magical Times Empowerment Cards“, and already I’m in love!

The deck comes in this lovely flip-top box; best idea EVER!

©Pip Miller

The very first card I pulled…does it surprise you?  It made me laugh. 🙂

©Pip Miller

I pulled cards for some wonderful individuals yesterday, and each card was perfectly appropriate!

Today I pulled one for me – Strength – and even though each card has a wonderful message on it,

I decided to read what’s in the booklet, too.

©Pip Miller

Rather than giving messages like, ‘this is what this card means’, the booklet is full of affirmations

that are meant to empower you!  It’s wonderful!  Part of my message is,

“I am a powerful, eternal being on my journey through forever and I will not be afraid.” ©Jody Bergsma

What a wonderful thought to have running through my head today!

The cards themselves are gorgeous, but they are not the usual glossy cards we’ve come to expect from a deck; these are matte and yet it still works perfectly.

And the design on the back, while seeming to have no connection to the cards, is lovely in its own right.

©Pip Miller

I’m so thrilled to have this deck and can’t wait to really get to know it – though I must say, it’s pretty chatty right off the bat. 😉

I may even use it for some of the oracle card readings I do!  Or even a one-card pull for someone…we’ll see!  I’m off to see what else it has to tell me this morning!

©Pip Miller – August 2013

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It’s All About YOU!


I’ve been reading lately that people don’t purchase things from you when you are the one doing the selling/promoting, which doesn’t make sense on the one hand but does on the other: if I’m the one promoting and pushing my healing and no one else is mentioning it or talking about a session they’ve had with me, then why would you believe that I can do what I say I can do, right?

So. With that in mind, I want to put a little boost out there about some of the wonderful people I’ve had sessions/readings/purchased items from (and this is by no means a complete list, so if your name isn’t on it please don’t be offended!).

Nienna, The Offbeat Goddess, who was one of my first regular clients and has become a cherished friend, from whom I’ve had some of the most mind-blowing card readings!  I’ve also been privileged to test out some of her courses (I think another one is in the works) and highly recommend them!

Sarah, The Fairy (and angel) Messenger, who began working with me and we did trades – her messages for my healing while she was getting massages. 🙂  I’ve had a past-life reading from her, multiple messages from Archangel Gabriel, and one particularly laugh-filled message from my personal fairy ‘guide’.  If you get a reading from her, I highly recommend a phone or Skype one…her laugh will cheer you no end!  Also, she wrote a book about fairies that is in the final stages of being published!

Michele, Midlife Psychic and Mystic as well as owner of The Enchanted Amulet, from whom I received a gorgeous necklace as a birthday present and I’ve also a lovely, very responsive pendulum that I wear as a necklace.  Check out her G+ communities, too!

Donna, a dear friend and co-owner of Awakenings with her wonderful husband Rudy, who has helped me many times (and she was one of the first people on whom I used my new-found Healing-Light!).  She is an outstanding medium, and also gave me a very interesting past-life session with respect to an issue I was having.

Megan, of Intuitive Marketing and Design, who gave me very valuable marketing guidance about my business when I was first starting out on the whole social media ride.

Ronda, the Modern Oracle, who has given me spot-on guidance and with whom I get to geek out about Firefly.  🙂

One last hidden gem: Stacey who isn’t running a business (YET!), but she gives some of the most detailed card readings I’ve ever read, and she receives messages from the angels and has created heart-felt and effective blessings for me concerning various aspects of my life.

Those are off the top of my head, and as I said, by no means a comprehensive list.  These are my recommendations as a client, if this was a list of all the outstanding people I know simply as a friend, it would be miles long!  I’ll be doing this again at a later date!  Please, feel free to mention anyone that you would recommend to others so we can things rolling for them, too!

And now I’m off to send some Prismatic Healing! 🙂

©Pip Miller – August 2013