Cards for 2014

Last year I pulled a card for each month of the year, and it was interesting to see how they did or didn’t play out as time went by. I liked it so much that I decided to make it a yearly ritual.  This year I picked one for the overall theme of the year, then a card for each month.

©Pip Miller

What a wonderful theme for the year, right?! I used my Magical Times Empowerment Cards for the year, and the Power Animal Oracle Cards for each month. It made me smile to see that the year begins with Gratitude…what a fantastic start! 🙂

Do you pull cards for the year? What did you come up with?

©Pip Miller – December 2013


Prepping for 2014

Every year I let some words flow through my mind, waiting for one to float to the top and stay there.  That word is my Word for the Year for the coming 12 months.  Which one wouldn’t leave me alone these past few weeks?


I’d thought it would be “health” or “confidence” or something like that, but no, shine just would NOT leave me alone! Every morning I wake with this running through my head:

Do you choose a word to guide you through the coming year? How do you choose it? Which one have you chosen for 2014?

©Pip Miller – December 2014