Cards for 2014

Last year I pulled a card for each month of the year, and it was interesting to see how they did or didn’t play out as time went by. I liked it so much that I decided to make it a yearly ritual.  This year I picked one for the overall theme of the year, then a card for each month.

©Pip Miller

What a wonderful theme for the year, right?! I used my Magical Times Empowerment Cards for the year, and the Power Animal Oracle Cards for each month. It made me smile to see that the year begins with Gratitude…what a fantastic start! 🙂

Do you pull cards for the year? What did you come up with?

©Pip Miller – December 2013

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  1. Excellent idea! A lot the same words here as I got for my 2014 reading: Transformation (“social sea change”), productivity, adaptability especially jump out. Thanks for sharing your cards. (very pretty paper and handwriting btw)


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