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Samhain Divination

I’ve been playing with various tarot decks lately, trying to settle in to one that I want to stick with for a while, but I keep coming back to The Oracle of Shadows and Light. Which, at this time of year, is pretty apropos, right? 😉

I just did a pull using Joanna Powell Colbert’s “Whispers of the Ancestors” spread, and here it is:

Oracle of Shadows and Light

So I’ve got:

“What or who is dead or dying, that you need to honor?”  Dress of Alchemy (release your power). I’d say the part of me that doesn’t take a stand for myself, that doesn’t care for myself…that’s the part that is dying. I need to release her, bless her for the part she played in my life, and then step the hell up and take charge!

“What task does the Elder of Fire ask of you?” The Carousel Fairy (what comes around…) To face the circular path I’ve been on, to pay attention to the signs, and to stop! Step off the ride. Make a change.

“Where do you find your center of power?” Eclipse Mermaid (a powerful energy shift) Move into the change. Ride the shift. Be strong in what’s to come. I can do this.

“What new sweetness is wafting in on the scent of burning herbs?” Carnivorous Greenhouse (a tempting offer has a high price)…LOLI’m letting go of wheat and sugar starting tomorrow; the sweetness will be the healthy changes my body will go through and the offer is, well, the sugar and the wheat. 😉 ‘Ware, hobbit, ‘ware!

“What secrets do the ancestors whisper to you during this season of All Hallows?” Two Little Witches (magical space clearing time) Me, my house, the puppies, Himself…it’s all about letting go to let in the new. 🙂

I read these as I was writing it, didn’t look at the cards or the place in the spread til it was it’s turn. Pretty cool reading, right? It all ties into tomorrow’s changes. I love it!

Happy Samhain/Halloween to one and all!

©Pip Miller – October 2014

Energy Healing, Manifesting

Oh My LOA!

©Pip MillerFor years I’ve been one of those Law of Attraction naysayers, certain that it never works, especially when it comes to money. Why wouldn’t I? In the last 3 years I’ve gone from having a growing, successful, income-creating healing career to a dead standstill as far as both clients and income goes. I’ve read the books, I written the plans, I’ve done the vision boards…and still I’m where I am. I have had NO reason to believe in the LOA.

Or have I?

A brief discussion about the LOA fed one of those wee hours of the morning times when you’re wide awake, trying to make sense of it all, and out of the blue a thought that had been slithering around in my head every now and again suddenly stopped, reared its head, stared me straight in the eyes and told me quite bluntly, “You have LOA’d yourself out of a career.” 

Wait, what?? How? I’m doing everything I can, juggling and learning and trying to figure out where to be to make the most connections…how can you say that?? And then it hit me when I thought about the time frame and when things began to tank: there’s an underlying issue that I haven’t really wanted to acknowledge, and it is the reason I’ve created this money block. There’s a lot of anger, resentment, and fear, and without realizing it on a conscious level, I literally have used the Law of Attraction to stop things from growing so that I wouldn’t have to deal with those feelings. I was floored!

We always think of the positive things the LOA is to bring us; relationships, health, riches…but we don’t think about the negative things that it brings, too. Because if our most repetitive thoughts are ones of negativity, we will create that in our lives. It’s like the passage in the book I wrote about before, “If you want to know what you’re really “praying” for, take a look around your life. You’ll see your innermost thoughts, the real desires of your heart, the prayers no one knows about but you.”

Son of a gun. It works! It really works!

Now to fix it. I’ve got a lot of work to do on myself!

©Pip Miller – October 2014


Bullshit Buster

denialSo, remember this blog post? That friend is a “Bullshit Buster” as she calls herself. And we were emailing today, and she’s decided to run with her Viking Shield Maiden side and offer sessions to anyone bold enough to want someone get to the crux of your issue and tell it like it is. It may hurt a bit, but I promise you, you won’t regret it! She might even give you homework. 😉

If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll give you her email address. You can work out if it’s by email or Skype, and what the fee will be.

This ain’t no fluffy bunnies and unicorns farting rainbows, kids; this is down-and-dirty, face the facts stuff. Something we need more of in these troubling times. 🙂

©Pip Miller – October 2012

Energy Healing

“At Peace”

©Pip MillerYesterday I had a distance session to the UK scheduled, and unexpectedly my guy asked me to cruise with him as he was doing his errands. I picked up a small stuffed frog I have and threw him in my purse to use in place of the teddy bear I normally use for distance sessions.

©Pip Miller

He’s a tiny little thing (don’t even remember where I got him), and he fit folded-up in my hand perfectly.

©Pip Miller

As we were driving, and while Himself went into the hardware store, I did a slight tweak on my usual #OasisOfCalm session while holding the frog between both hands (which was new hand position, too), and as the session progressed the flow between my hands was so strong that it felt as if my hands were going to float off the frog! I was really curious to see how Stacey felt after the session, and she tweeted this to me:

“Deep connection with the Divine. Clair cognizance was through the roof yesterday. At peace.” I responded with, “Is this normal?” (knowing that she usually comments that it feels as if she’s been in the hydro-therapy pool or that her back was tingling), and she replied, “The peace is, but the claircognience at that level is new. What did you feel?” I told her about my hands and this was tweeted back: “It was awesome! Thank you so much!

I love it when I try something new, feel such amazing things in my hands and the strength of the flow…and the receive joyful feedback! I love what I do. ‘Nuff said. 🙂

©Pip Miller – October 2014

Health, Manifesting

My Own Creation

Not sure who created this I’m reading Coventry Magic by Jacki Smith and in it she mentions this Hindu prayer for the body that I just fell in love with and had to post:

“I recognize you are the temple

in which my spirit and creative energy dwell.

I have created you from my need

to have my spirit manifested on earth

so that I may have this time to learn and grow.

I offer you this food so that you may continue

to sustain my creative energy, my spirit, my soul.

I offer this food to you with love,

and a sincere desire for you to remain free

from disease and disharmony.

I accept you as my own creation.

I need you.

I love you.”

Isn’t that lovely? “I accept you as my own creation.” Wow. And again, wow. We tend to act as if our bodies “happened to us”, not that we created them, but we have, haven’t we? Yes, we were born with certain characteristics and traits, but overall, we are the creators of it’s size, it’s health, it’s feelings or sadness. Our own creation. Have you created what you want? I know I sure haven’t. Hmmm…

©Pip Miller – October 2014


Life with Essential Tremor

I was at work today, attempting to write codes on price tags, and noticed that my hands were going bonkers. So I thought I’d try to do a quick vid of them, and see if the computer will let it run without attempting to stabilize the tremor. When I put my fingers on the desk, the tremor is mainly being shown from the hand holding the camera.. Ain’t we got fun? 😉

Some days, after I’ve used my muscles (like carrying groceries or handling a shovel), the tremor is nuts. It can take hours before it’s at the point where I can hold a glass and not spill everything in it. I tried to take a video of my hands after one shovel episode (picking up dog doo), but the computer kept stabilizing the movement of my thumb. It was like a hummingbird’s wing.

This is it on Tumblr, but it really gives NO true idea of how fast my thumb, and the rest of my hand which looks suspiciously still though it was bouncing all over the place, is moving.


There are so many who have no clue what essential tremor is, yet it’s one of the most common ‘ailments’ around. The International Essential Tremor Foundation has a wonderful website where you can learn all about this condition. And did you know that Katharine Hepburn had it? That’s what caused her head to shake and the tremor in her voice as she got older. I’m in good company! 😉

So the next time you’re out and you’re dealing with someone whose hands shake – or their head – give pause, it could be ET. And those people you see in restaurants attempting to eat their food without spilling it all over themselves before it reaches their mouth? Most likely ET, too, and one day that will be me. I’ve noticed that many people assume it’s some sort of withdrawal from booze or drugs, and that’s a terrible assumption! So read up on it; who knows, it could run in your family and no one even realized!

©Pip Miller – October 2014

Filofax, Planners

Filofax and the Bullet Journal

It’s been a while since I did a post about using my Filofax – in this case my Personal Fusion, and I came across a post on G+ today by Becky of Becky’s Paper Route which has me writing about it again.

©Pip Miller

I’ve been using a Filofax for a while, and currently have 3. The Personal is the one I carry with me to use on a daily basis, but as you can see, I’ve been seriously under-using it.


Some days DO have notes, but again, nothing extensive (excuse the #essentialtremor blurred picture). Granted, there are days that have more written down, but overall not many.

©Pip Miller

©Pip Miller

I even have a year planner, and not one thing noted on it. Planning is not my strong suit, especially for an entire year!


After reading Becky’s post and watching the Bullet Journal vid again, I restructured the bullet icons I was using (I tore up the key I had written, or I’d show you how ridiculous it was), and now it’s not only simpler, but more in tune with what I really need to note.

©Pip Miller

I’m also going to implement the monthly calendar and monthly task list, something I’ve not used one bit. I think more planning would probably help me, don’t you? 😉 I’ll do an update in a month or so and let you know how it’s going. I’m also using my beloved A5 Chameleon for my healing work, and I’m about to go set up a bullet system for that one, too.

©Pip Miller

©Pip Miller – October 2014