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My Own Creation

Not sure who created this I’m reading Coventry Magic by Jacki Smith and in it she mentions this Hindu prayer for the body that I just fell in love with and had to post:

“I recognize you are the temple

in which my spirit and creative energy dwell.

I have created you from my need

to have my spirit manifested on earth

so that I may have this time to learn and grow.

I offer you this food so that you may continue

to sustain my creative energy, my spirit, my soul.

I offer this food to you with love,

and a sincere desire for you to remain free

from disease and disharmony.

I accept you as my own creation.

I need you.

I love you.”

Isn’t that lovely? “I accept you as my own creation.” Wow. And again, wow. We tend to act as if our bodies “happened to us”, not that we created them, but we have, haven’t we? Yes, we were born with certain characteristics and traits, but overall, we are the creators of it’s size, it’s health, it’s feelings or sadness. Our own creation. Have you created what you want? I know I sure haven’t. Hmmm…

©Pip Miller – October 2014