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Day 2 of #writealm

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It’s early morning, though my body thinks it’s later. Thank you, time change. The light is trying to peep into the room, wakening us to the fullness of the day, but the veil between the inside and the out is strong. No matter how hard the light tries, it cannot penetrate through to brighten our morning.

A.L.M. Writes

┬ęPip Miller – November 2014


Light a Candle

Participating in this month’s #writealm, and this was my post from yesterday (I posted it on Tumblr).

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The altar awaits:

a seven-day is lit,

promising blocks to be removed

and roads to open

in every direction.

An orange mini

is lit,

a wish is wished,

a hope is hoped,

and they are lifted

to the heavens

on candle smoke.

┬ęPip Miller – November 2014