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#writealm Day 6

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What’s your favorite color? Mine is blue. But not just any blue, no. Cobalt blue. There’s something about the richness of that shade that draws me to it every time. I have little rice bowls that are white with cobalt blue flowers, I had a set of cobalt blue wine glasses before they all broke, my favorite velvet dress is that shade, and my favorite bowl and saucer are white with flowers and trim in this gorgeous color…

These dishes (which are actually darker than they look); the one in the back I’ve had for ages, the blue mug is relatively new, and I just piced up the soup bowl at the Dollar Tree for, yes, one dollar. Score! 🙂

Light blue doesn’t do it for me, and it’s a color I rarely wear. Jewel tones, that’s what they are called…jewel tones are like the flame to my moth.

What color is your flame?

©Pip Miller – November 2014