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Dry July, Breast Cancer Research, and You

©Keri (Pip) MillerA few years ago I stumbled across a blog called, “Tired of Thinking About Drinking“. In it she mentions that she’d decided to do a “dry July” and not drink for the month, and she’s been sober ever since (go, Belle!). The phrase crossed my mind again the other day, and today I thought I’d do a bit of duckduckgo – ing, and see what came up under ‘dry July’.

Come to find out, it’s an actual challenge that’s been going on in Australia and New Zealand since 2008! People sign up and donations can be made in their name (or just in general), and the funds go for people with cancer. Now isn’t that a really cool idea? Check it out!

secondSo, I had a brainstorm: I will do “Dry July”, and am asking for your donating help. Now wait, before you wander off…it’s not about me. The not drinking for a month will be, obviously, but I’m asking that you help motivate me during the month by donating to my friend Tamara’s Avon 39 Walk!!! The walk is in September (39 miles in TWO days!) and its purpose is to raise funds for breast cancer research, and every tiny donation helps.

What do you say? When you donate just add “Dry July” to the description (or in place of your name, if you prefer), and we can all track how much is donated over the month. Having people put their money where my mouth is will give me accountability, and I won’t let you down!

Believe me, this is going to be much harder on me than it is your pocketbook. 😉

I’ll be tweeting and doing Instagram pictures with the hashtag #dryjuly4breastcancer, so follow along! I may blog the month, too, but I haven’t decided yet.

Thank you ahead of time for your donations and the motivation!!

©Pip Miller – June 2015

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Breathe and Let It Go

DESPAIR I’m sitting here, trying to catch up on everything, and it dawned on me why Wednesdays (and social media in general) overwhelm me: I have this compulsive urge to literally catch up on everything. Every post, every tweet, every instagram picture, every blog post, every every thing.

Good grief, why???

It’s especially bad on Wednesdays because I’m not online much during my work ‘week’, except maybe a glimpse or two before or after work. So I basically miss 4 days of all of you. That’s a lot to catch up on!

I think it goes back to my beginnings online: first there was a virtual Irish pub that I ‘hung out’ in for a few years, meeting some absolutely wonderful people in the process. Then there was the beloved OB, which was finally shut down by the provider 10 years after it started. On both message boards, it was fairly easy to go to where you left off, catch up and comment, and then join in on the day’s discussions. It seems that has stuck with me, and I scroll back through Twitter, trying to find the last tweet I read, or clicking on each blog I follow and going back to the last one there, too.

Terry Pratchett's Discworld quoteMultiply that by 7 platforms I use (I don’t even attempt it with Tumblr), and it’s no wonder that not only am I overwhelmed, but the day is quickly lost to hours online. On one platform I’ve taken to mainly just responding to comments, but I’m pretty much not going to try to scroll through thousands of shares to find the meat of what those I follow have posted about their lives. And that negates the point of being there, because many of them are ONLY on that platform. Yes, it’s FB. Ugh.

It’s not that I think that everyone is breathlessly waiting for me to respond to what they write (or to read what I write), it’s more that I…you know, I honestly don’t know what it is. Maybe I’m a bit OCD when it comes to the internet…?

I need an intervention. 😉

Actually, I just need to remind myself that my attention is not needed on everything I’ve missed, and that’s it’s ok to focus on what I see the day I log on. If I miss something important, someone will tell me, I’m sure, and it’s ok to let the rest go. Fewer platforms would help, too, but there isn’t one platform that everyone loves, so until that happens, multiples must be.

How do you handle your multiple platforms? And which are your favorites? I think that following someone on their most favorite platform and not every one they are on is another way of dealing with the overwhelm, too. Do you do that?

If I follow you on multiple ones, let me know which you prefer, and I’ll drop the rest and see you there. Even if it’s FB. Really. Just for you. 😉

©Pip Miller – June 2015

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Essential Tremors; Do You Crash, Too?

photo-1422190441165-ec2956dc9eccIn the past couple of years, something unusual has started to happen whenever my tremors are bad for an extended period of time: I crash. I’ll be really tired one day (yesterday) and then I will sleep 12-15 straight hours. That next day (today) I will still be sleepy, but it’s a bit more of a recuperative sleepy than a ‘need to sleep’ sleepy.

This past week they were very obvious, and I found little things difficult, like typing while ringing up a customer at work, or reaching into the pendulum case and doing my best not to knock every single one of them to the mirror below. Writing was almost illegible, so the letters I’ve been meaning to send have been put off until my handwriting won’t look like chicken scratch. I believe the tremors have gone up a notch in intensity and are going to stay there because they haven’t calmed down like they normally do. 😦

I took a video of my hand shaking after I did ‘dog duty’ (aka: picked up poop). Crazy, right?

Now, I know there are millions of people out there with essential tremor, and I’m curious: do other people ‘crash” after an extended bout of intense tremors, or is it just me?

Don’t get me wrong; the sleep is fantastic, but I never know exactly when a crash is going to come, and if that next day s a work day, it’s not easy. Luckily I’m off today, or I’d be quite the zombie. Instead I’m taking it easy today, and am about to send some healing light to a friend’s dog. 🙂

I’d love feedback from others who live with tremors!

©Pip Miller – June 2015

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It’s a Day of Healing

Preparing to do heart workI have things to do around the house, such as vacuuming up the hair from 3 shedding animals, but instead I’m doing the one thing that brings me the most joy in life: I’m sending healing light to various people (and animals!) around the country. The requests are varied, the needs range from light to a deep healing, and through it all, Spirit and I are joyously here to help.

Over the years, as I’ve grown into my role as a healer, I’ve tried to do my best to help everyone in whatever manner I felt was able to work for as many people as possible. Through it all, releasing stuck emotions and heart work as been there in one form or another, but never really as the main focus. This has changed recently because I realized that those are exactly the best ways to help others heal, even animals.

The response I’m getting from these sessions has been wonderful, and I’m very excited to spend today doing more of this work!

©Pip Miller – June 2015