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Evening cloudsIt’s another cloudy day today – thank goodness for the rain of late! – and I’m remembering how lots of rainy days can make me tired and a bit blue. I’m sure I suffer a bit from SAD, but living in the southwest, it’s easy to forget how if affects me. I usually joke that I have ‘reverse SAD’; sometimes I wake up and I’m like, “NO! Not another sunny day, dammit!”…cuz, well, I’m like that. 😉

Yesterday I was a bit moody, anticipating something that didn’t happen, and that moodiness translated into a desire to drink to make the thoughts go away. I didn’t drink, the thoughts didn’t go away, but I lived. Lesson learned. One can make it through, and projecting what might happen is a really bothersome way to go through a day, that’s for sure. Today I’m moody, too, but have no desire to drink at all. Weird, right?

For those who are checking this out via Instagram, HI! and thanks. 🙂 Dry July is to raise money for cancers, and I chose my friend’s Avon 39 Walk that’s coming up in September. If you’d like to donate (and help keep me on this no-drinking track), here’s the link. And thank you ahead of time!!

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