Energy Healing, Journal

“Your energy was patient and unobtrusive.”

Recently I answered a Twitter request for help from Lisa, aka Amethyst Lane, and to be quite honest, I misunderstood the request and sent directly to her. 🙂 Afterwards, she said she would let me know later how the energy felt to her, and this is what she said:

“I am very guarded in general so asking for communal help to assist in my healing work is rare. Several answered the call and I appreciate all. Yours was very distinct and I am not sure it reflects your personality because we’ve never met but I *knew* it was from you. Your energy was patient and unobtrusive. It waited for me to be ready to receive it (apparently recognizing my guardedness). It was gentle and when I opened myself to it, it enveloped me like a gentle breeze building in power and lingering until I could drop my guards, breathe naturally, and rest. In other words, “it was exactly what I needed”. Thank you so much.”

​I cried. 🙂

​©Pip Miller – July 2016