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My Filofax is Waiting!

My Filofax is poised and ready to add you to the schedule!

Malden at the ready!

Also, if you have ever had a session with me, I could use some help in spreading the word, if you don’t mind. Thanks!!

©Pip Miller – November 2016

Energy Healing, Journal


I miss sending light terribly, and with all the anxiety and fear that has overtaken so many of us since the election, I can’t let this fall to the wayside.

I can help you with those feelings, bring a bit of peace to your day, and help you breathe a little better for a while. This is the best way that I can be of service to others right now, and I’m determined to make it work.

So, if you’re interested in a session (please see the physical, emotional, and general pages for more information), all sessions are $1.00 per minute, with a 20-minute minimum. Use this link to my account, and I will email you as soon as I receive an email notification, and we’ll set up a time.

Nope…I can’t close this down completely, can I? I have too much love for this work and how it can help others. 🙂

©Pip Miller – November 2016