Here It Comes!

The new name!!!

Curtain, please…



I’ll change the website address later today (the 8th), so don’t forget to follow the new name. Remember, it won’t redirect from ThisHobbitsLife to HyggeLightwork; you’ll have to do it yourself! ETA: the ever-wonderful WordPress support made it so that it does redirect!! Both names will be valid, so you can type in either and get where you need to be! Wooohoo!

Hygge on, everyone!! 🙂

Published by Pip

I shift energy. I boost your innate healing ability. I am a catalyst for change. Nice to meet you!

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  1. love it! One thought just from doing this a bunch lately…
    What does hygge mean again? I’m not familiar with it. Is it something other readers will know? Would it help…at least during the transition time…to put a short definition in the tagline. Something like Hygge means _____. Let me bring that _____ to you.


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