Goodbye, Law of Attraction

I’ve never had good luck with the LoA, and recently Theresa Reed did a podcast with Tosha Silver (episode 104), in which Tosha says there is so much more at play than just our thoughts.

So very true.

Today all I can think is, “Fuck the Law of Attraction.” My thoughts about something that I have reason to expect will happen will NOT make it happen. I am not the only player in this scenario. MY thoughts do not affect how someone else behaves. And it’s ridiculous of us to believe they do.

I’m not buying into this organized religion-like mantle of guilt and shame. Other people are responsible for their own actions. They are. NOT me. Yes, I’m responsible for how I react to it, but I do not cause it.

I’ve spent years in the metaphysical/New Age community, and have felt guilty for everything that has gone on in my life because of this ever-present belief in the LoA. Yes, I am purely responsible for the choices I have made, there’s zero doubt about that. But that is all I am responsible for.

There was a resolution going around Twitter a few days ago to only apologize when you’ve actually done something wrong. Hello, women! I’m adding to that letting go of guilt and shame over choices and behaviors that are not mine. I’m only in charge of my own damned wheelhouse, no one else’s, and I will not longer blame myself for theirs.

…I just had to get this off my chest. 🙂

©Pip Miller – January 2019

PS: not fond of this new editor WordPress has going on. Just sayin.’