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What Happens During an Energy Session?

This question, oh, it’s a tough one.

Why?, you ask. Well, because it’s specific to each and every person. Overwhelmingly, the feeling most mentioned is peace; sometimes in a wave, sometimes later, but almost always peace. As one client said, “I feel light-hearted and calm. I felt the light she sent and in an instant was overwhelmed with a joy (not to mention the tingles).”

As for the basics, I’m often asked, “What do I need to do?”, and the answer is, “Whatever you would like!” There’s no specific way to receive healing light, and you can go on with your normal day, you can do yoga, nap, get a massage, watch tv…it’s up to you. I do mention that it’s possible that you may fall asleep (it seems to happen when there is a lot of stress, exhaustion, or pain involved), so you can schedule your session with that in mind. During one particularly deep hour-long session (I used to call it the Dare Session), a client once fell asleep for 12 hours!

You don’t need to wear anything in particular, don’t need to remove your jewelry, don’t need to be somewhere quiet; all you need to do is be willing to receive.

A session is not done by phone, Skype, or email, either. You purchase a session for $45, I receive an email confirmation, and then we exchange a few emails wherein I ask what the session is for, if there’s a particular ailment or part of the body you want the light focused on, we set up a time, and off we go!

Before the session, I will email that I’m about to start, and will do the same once I’ve completed the work. I tend to say something like, “Let me know if it helps!” or, “I hope it helps”, because the way the healing manifests within you may be completely different from what you expected. For instance, one in-person client was having a bit of back pain and as I worked on her, she stated that it felt like, “little dwarves working on my back, then light jumped from my back, over my head and straight to my heart chakra”. The light knows where it needs to go and what needs to be done. Oh, and yes, her back felt better, too. 🙂


I have found that clients may not always associate later shifts and healing with a session, and I admit, sometimes I want to say, “Hey! Remember the work we did??”, but that’s my ego talking, and it really needs to learn to chill. 😉

Of all the clients I’ve helped, only two had unpleasant memories rise to the surface after a particularly intense Dare Session – whose purpose was to specifically unblock the energies in the lower 5 chakras. It’s not for the light of heart, but if you really want to unblock a lot of stuff and stir up the mud to see what rises to the surface so you can face it, deal with it, and let it go, I’m ready to help. Read Amanda Donnelly’s post about her experiences to get a feel for what could happen. 🙂 Send me an email and let me know you want the Dare Session, and we’ll set it up!

Hopefully this post gives you a little insight into what goes on during a session, and if you have any questions, again, shoot me an email! I’m more than happy to answer questions!


©Pip Miller – August 2016
One last thing: I am not a medical intuitive. This means that no, I can not tell you what is causing this or that pain, nor will I be able to sense anything going on in your body: I am a conduit and the gift I have does not include that ability. The light flows through me and into you; I can tell where there are a lot of stuck emotions and/or pain by the way my hands feel, and occasionally, very occasionally, I may see something in my environment that seems to be a little sign meant for you, and I will let you know what I saw and what it seemed to mean to me. Beyond that, no, I cannot tell you more.
Energy Healing · Journal

When Healing Takes Time

I always tell people that a healing session may not be immediately felt, that sometimes it unfolds over time as with Amanda Donnelly’s session*. Healing that is working on a deeper level than a hurt hand, for instance, takes time, and I know that clients don’t always connect the session with the changes unless they are consciously keeping track.

I like to check in with people soon after a session, but even though I know the shifts can take time, it feels a bit pushy to do so a few weeks or months later. Every time I send healing light, your health and happiness are my goal, and I admit it, sometimes I look back through my schedule, wondering if this person or that person had the changes they were hoping for. 🙂

If we’ve worked together this year and you’ve felt better as time has gone on, think back…when did that change begin? Have there been subtle changes that you didn’t notice until they became part of a larger “Dang, I’m feeling so much better lately!” awareness? You may be surprised to connect-the-dots and realize that it is connected to the session, especially if your initial reaction to the session was a bit of a “Meh”. Those are the ones that seem to be doing the most inner work that takes time.

I’d love to hear from you if this is the case!

©Pip Miller – June 2016

PS: I can easily accommodate the schedules of anyone around the world, don’t forget! I’m on MST (or UTC/GMT -7), and have no problem waking in the middle of the night for a session. Also, receiving light while sleeping can be highly beneficial, too, as our bodies heal during that time. My schedule is your schedule, so let’s work together!

PPS: I mention Amanda’s post frequently, as it such a clear example of how healing works, and also because no one else has written about a session a long while after the fact. I’ll try not to do it so often after this! 🙂