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Bringing Back A Favorite Distance Healing Session

Yesterday I did a favorite distance session for someone in the Norway, and she responded with, “First, I cried, then I felt like I was being aired out, and now I’m so tired I can’t even make myself go to bed, lol.” I smiled for a long time after reading that! 🙂

I love this session because not only does it help people get some rest, but it works on a deep level that plays out over time. You may not connect the changes back to the session, but that’s ok, your Higher Self knows. 🙂

This is what I wrote about it in 2016 when I resurrected it from 2013 (and yes, the pricing is the same):

Are you ready for a change?

Later on I’m going to make a separate page in the menu for this session alone, that way it’s easy to find and more people can learn about it!

I’m looking forward to doing a lot of these sessions!!

Much love!

©Pip Miller – April 2018

Energy Healing · Journal

Personal Clearing by Nathan Main

Christmas Eve I was given a mini-session for personal clearing by a healer in Albuquerque, Nathan Main. I know Nathan from Blue Eagle, and was pleasantly surprised by this offer, as I’d heard about his work for many years.

It was quite different than any other session I’ve had, which interested me greatly. We spoke on the phone during the session, and he told me about the limiting programs, blocks, and negative motivations I have, and then cleared them.

He also told me the soul  qualities I have (one is forgiveness), and my positive potential archetypes, such as sincerity and friendliness (go, me!). He found at what level these archetypes were, did more clearing, afterwards all those levels were higher, in some cases quite a lot!


I also have a ridiculous number of vows that need to be taken care of, but that will require a much longer session. Nathan says that his sessions usually take 2 hours (these are done via Hangouts), and the vows take up a large portion of that. He said for me it will take at least an hour. I was really busy in all those past lives, eh? Lol!

There was more clearing done, but I’ll let you discover what goes on and how you feel afterwards. 🙂

Check out his website, Transformation Nathan, and when you set up a session make sure to tell him Pip sent you! Oh, and definitely have paper and pen handy, because you’re going to want to take notes. I had 2 pages from one short session!

©Pip Miller – 2016